Operation Sunrise

How will your donation help?

Sunrise Operation works to raise awareness and funds that will help Veterans facilitate Reunions for their Company/Battery sized units.

This effort will be run 100% by Veterans for Veterans.

Veteran Reunions can assist Veterans who suffer with the effects of PTSD and TBI. In the experience of the Veterans who run Sunrise Operation.org, facilitating these Reunions saves Veteran lives.

This is a grassroots organization formed by Veterans who have suffered the loss, by suicide, of their fellow Veterans once they returned home. Having served together in their respective Company/Battery Units, they know better than anyone the traumatic events that can lead an individual down the path of  suffering with PTSD and TBI.

Your donation will be used to hire a Veteran to help facilitate, plan and organize Units who wish to hold their own reunions.

Your donation will also assist the Veterans who need financial support, granting them the funds to attend their Unit Reunions. This will be in the form of travel & lodging vouchers. Sunrise Operation  would allow Veterans who do not need the financial assistance to opt out, allowing more funds for the Veterans who are less financially secure.

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