What is Fiscal Sponsorship? 

Fiscal sponsorship is where Soul Bloom Productions, a 501(c)(3), sponsors your project or organization allowing it tax exempt status. This affords you an alternative to the expense and management of starting, then maintaining, your own nonprofit. Once your application is approved, and our agreement is signed, you can seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under Soul Bloom’s exempt status.

Soul Bloom Productions sponsors charitable projects that are Inspiring, Empowering, or Educating. It sponsors projects that minister to, and serve others.

Your projects can serve others through PERSONAL MINISTRY. There is no denying the call to serve and minister to others. Let us act as your “nonprofit fiscal sponsor” so that you can focus your time and talents on your ministry.

Your projects can serve others through a CHARITABLE CAUSE.  They can serve your community by helping the underprivileged or poor.  Or they can help protect animals or the environment. Let us act as your “nonprofit fiscal sponsor” so that you can focus your time and talents on your charity.

Your projects can serve others through EDUCATION. Maybe you want to produce your own TED Talk that not only educates us, but also inspires and empowers it’s viewers? Or, your passion is to educate us on the plight of veterans who suffer from PTSD?

Your projects can serve others through the ARTS. Maybe you want to do a documentary film educating us about domestic violence? You may be a musician who writes songs about getting through a bad breakup? If you’re a writer, you are always inspiring, or empowering, or educating others. Dance, or poetry, or sculpture, or photography, or any other form of artistic expression, may be your way to serve others. If art is your way to inspire, empower, educate, and minister to others, let Soul Bloom Productions help you fund your project.

How do you become a “Soul Partner” with Soul Bloom Productions?All you need to do is fill out an application telling us about your project!

Soul Bloom Productions will review your project to see that it fits our mission of inspiring, empowering and educating.

If your charitable project is approved, Soul Bloom Productions will become a non-profit fiscal sponsor for your program. This allows you to solicit donations from people who feel, as you do, that your work serves the greater good.

Applications require a $50 processing fee** If your application is approved, the 12 month administrative fee for fiscal sponsorship is $100.**

**For a limited time, there is NO UPFRONT CHARGE for the application or administrative fees. They will be processed once your donations start coming in! Apply today for this time-limited offer! 

Complete the Online Application

  • If your project is approved for Fiscal Sponsorship, a legal contract will be entered in to which spells out the roles and responsibilities of both parties.
  • The individual or organization that is granted project funds will be responsible for managing the funds, which includes any income and tax reporting. The funds must not be used for a political or commercial venture and must be used for the project outlined in your application.
  • Fundraising for your Projects and Charitable Causes is the primary responsibility of the applicant. Soul Bloom Productions acts as the non-profit through which approved projects can accept donations.
  • All donations are subject to a Fiscal Sponsor Fee of 3-6%.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email us at

Legal assistance was provided by KCVLAA, a nonprofit organization that provides legal and accounting assistance to qualifying artists and arts organizations from all creative disciplines.


Thanks to Lathrop & Gage, LLP of Kansas City, Missouri (Don Dagenais) for legal services.

Providing non-profit fiscal sponsorship