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Operation Sunrise

How will your donation help?

Sunrise Operation works to raise awareness and funds that will help Veterans facilitate Reunions for their Company/Battery sized units.

This effort will be run 100% by Veterans for Veterans.

Veteran Reunions can assist Veterans who suffer with the effects of PTSD and TBI. In the experience of the Veterans who run Sunrise, facilitating these Reunions saves Veteran lives.

This is a grassroots organization formed by Veterans who have suffered the loss, by suicide, of their fellow Veterans once they returned home. Having served together in their respective Company/Battery Units, they know better than anyone the traumatic events that can lead an individual down the path of  suffering with PTSD and TBI.

Your donation will be used to hire a Veteran to help facilitate, plan and organize Units who wish to hold their own reunions.

Your donation will also assist the Veterans who need financial support, granting them the funds to attend their Unit Reunions. This will be in the form of travel & lodging vouchers. Sunrise Operation  would allow Veterans who do not need the financial assistance to opt out, allowing more funds for the Veterans who are less financially secure.

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Seraphim Bread Startup Fund by Tyler Gallagher


When you think of Central Kansas, you picture a waving endless sea of golden fields.  This is the heart of America, and the home to the ever providing wheat fields that drives this country’s love for bread, pastries, and baked goods.  Salina is the center of this region, providing a mecca for the rural areas to enjoy cultural, medical, and industrial options.  While Salina boasts to inhabit over 47,000 residents in its metropolitan area, there is one major underlying problem.  There is not one single independent bread bakery to be found!

Renowned American Chef Thomas Keller states in his book Bouchon Bakery, “A bakery is an anchor – it draws a community around it. Baking is a unifying force.”  This is the same philosophy that local chef Tyler Gallagher with the concept of his artisan bakery, Seraphim Bread.

Tyler Gallagher is a professional chef with over thirteen years of culinary experience who wishes to bring his trade, his passion, and his philosophy back to Salina.  He has spent the last six years honing his craft in the Kansas City area, working at acclaimed restaurants like The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange, Novel, and Justus Drugstore. His specialties include baking and specialized meats and he plans to open an artisan bakery in downtown Salina in the near future.

The reason this mission is so important is that the commericalization of the food industry has crippled the livelihoods of skilled chefs, forcing them to live paycheck to paycheck with no chance of savings while following their dreams.  This is even more exemplified outside of the larger metro areas where wages are low, and a competent workforce is even lower. Yet, Tyler has big dreams to not only start a successful independent bakery, but to revitalize and grow a local culinary culture that showcases the abundance and wealth of our regional agriculture.

Seraphim Bread is in its late stages of development with a working business plan, backers from financial institutions, and partnerships with local organizations and non-profits.  All this dreams needs to get off the ground is the initial investment of $10,000 and the take-off will begin.

By Supporting this cause not only are you helping to grow a new business but also providing that key spark to a new and exciting food culture that is direly needed in Central Kansas!

Many Thanks!

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Calvin Arsenia World Tour

A mix of the bizarre and experimental musings with the swooping, hearty melodies, and raw acoustic emotion will form a gentle, heartfelt style that defines the music of Calvin Arsenia. Standing at 6 foot 6 inches, Arsenia strikes a commanding presence complimented by his equally powerful vocal capacity.

As a musician, educator, and performance artist Calvin’s purpose is to curate moments of transcendence through musical collaborations and community building.

“I have seen music create an arena for pillars of prejudice to crumble, for the oppressed to find their voice and identity, for the healing of the soul, body, and mind.”

“Along my musical journey I fell deeply in love with the harp. This instrument has whisked me away into a wild world of wonder, playing for audiences large and small, wealthy and wanting, elderly and elementary, cultured and curious. The harp could be one of the most class-divided instruments in the world.  It is my dream to facilitate moments of transcendence all over the world – taking the harp to people and places who have never known it.”Information about test donation here….


From July 20-Octber 12th, Calvin will be touring the US, Canada, and Western Europe as a pilot trip to introduce himself to audiences in 12+ communities worldwide and to increase the size and availability of his immersive live shows.

Donations will go to help Calvin cover the cost of travel, food, and instrument rental.

Please help us support Calvin Arsenia on his world tour as he empowers and inspires those who will have the opportunity to watch him perform.


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